Elmapuddy replaces mini at Fnatic

After several weeks of research, Fnatic finally turned to Christ Elmapuddy Tebbit, to replace mini. A former coach on Counter Strike Global Offensive and head coach of Gen.G since its transition to Valorant, the Australian is determined to take Fnatic to new heights.

Chris Tebbitaka Elmapuddy, is a former professional Counter Strike Global Offensive coach. He started out at ORDER, but it was with Gen.G that he made his name. During that time, he led his team to victory in a number of major tournaments, including DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020. While many coaches and players chose to make the transition to Valorant within the first few months, he didn't take the plunge until September 2021.

After a short stint as head of Cloud9's CS:GO team, he finally took on Riot Games' FPS with Gen.Gwhich he has not left since. Gen.G originally competed in the American VCT, but with the advent of the franchise system and of Leaguesthe structure joined the Pacific region. And this transition has done the team a world of good!

While Gen.G's results over the past year have not been particularly glorious - its highest finish being second place at the 20k Proving Grounds in 2022 - it has finally managed to establish itself among the best in its league, finishing fourth overall. A great achievement for the players, and for Elmapuddy himself. Despite this, the Gen.G adventure is coming to an end for Elmapuddy.

After the NA region, then the Pacific, the Australian is now setting out to conquer the EMEA region. Recently, Fnatic has announced that it will be taking the place of minithe club's former coach. A few weeks ago, he revealed on Twitter that he wanted to step down from his position in order to find a better balance between his professional and personal life. It will not be easy to replace this star coach, who has led his players to success this year and built a close-knit group. But Chris Tebbit is ready!

As he says in his video presentation, Elmapuddy doesn't want to impose one style or another, but to build on the group's already solid foundations. Determined, he is already dreaming to win the Grand Slam. So far, interaction with the team has been fairly limited, but the time for a real meeting is approaching: Fnatic will soon be taking part in the Red Bull Home Ground 4.

The coach can't wait to fly to Japan and begin this new adventure in full swing. "It's about meeting the players, getting to know everyone, training, finding out what they're passionate about, what their strengths are, how they operate, and just getting to know them all. I'm really looking forward to meeting the team.. And we can't wait to see where he takes them at the VCT 2024!