Elderflame: weapons skins that bear the effigy of Dragons in Valorant

Last night, Valorant official Twitter account published a mysterious video. We could see a dragon's head surrounded by flames, without further explanation. 24 hours later, things are clearer! Riot Games presents a new collection of weapons skins based on Dragons: Elderflame.

These skins are very different from the ones we've seen so far. For now, Valorant skins were new sets and colours for weapons. Elderflame skins, as for them, put dragons directly into the hands of our Agents. They have much more detailed animations, sound effects and graphics than what we've seen so far.

According to the video, four weapons will have these Elderflame skins. We easily recognise the knife and the Operator, but with such scales, it's hard to tell for the two other ones.

The Elderflame skins are the first in an Ultra Edition range. Given the name of the current chapter, Embarrassment, we think it's a very good choice of theme to inaugurate this range!

Each skin should cost 2475 VP,or around €25 per weapon. Count around €100 to get the four. As a reminder, there is an even higher range, the Exclusive skins, whose price isn't yet fixed.

It's not yet known when they will be available. Since similar names were data mined after Patch 1.03, this should be very soon.