DVM Esport launches on Valorant with kAdavra, Newzera and keloqz

DVM Esport has just announced its participation in Challengers France, the French Valorant circuit, by recruiting players well known to the scene. We have learned that kAdavra, Newzera, keloqz, juseu and Marctylinho will represent this new structure next season.

With the departure of Gentle Mates from the EMEA LeagueA slot was up for grabs in the Challengers France. As the new season approached, the identity of the replacement team was still unknown, but the wait was over.

The DVM Corpfounded by the Medja streameris launching its esport club DVM Esport. If we already knew that she was interested in the sceneHowever, we had no information about the title he was interested in. Now we have.

The content creator has chosen Valorant as its first playground, and has arrived in the French league by signing some monstrous players. With kAdavra, Newzera, keloqz, juseu and MARCTYLINHODVM Esport could well cause a stir among the Challengers in 2024.

For the record, kAdavra is a very good controller, having worked for Team Vitality, Team BDS and more recently in our Valorant team. Very effective during the two Splits of 2023, he received several titles, including MVP of the second segment, awarded by the casters.

Juseu has also worn the colours of Team BDS in the past. it was with Solary that he played last season. Despite his lacklustre results, Juseu remains an excellent player. Versatile and flexible, he can contribute his know-how as a Duelist as well as an Initiator.

First French VRL Championwhen he played for Sector One, MARCTYLINHO is also a considerable asset. After the cessation of sporting activities of the structure, he has joined Joblife for the Challengers in 2023. As an Initiator specialist, he will be playing Breach, Sova and Fade.

If you follow the French-speaking scene, the pseudo Newzera is probably no stranger to you. Former member of Megastitut and Wylde, he represented the colours of Karmine Corp. in the VCT EMEA last year, after his switch to the Challengers in 2022. Since he is capable of taking on the role of Controller, as well as that of Initiator, he will offer his new team a variety of composition possibilities. All in all, a great asset.

The latest DVM Esport player, and not the least, Keloqz is a highly experienced player. A former team-mate of Newzera's at Megastitut, he then joined the ranks of G2 Esports. Under this banner, he took part in the first two editions of the VCT, and notably finished 3/4th in the Berlin Masters in 2021. In 2023, he played for Team Heretics in the EMEA League.

We'll certainly be keeping a close eye on this new combination, because on paper it's very strong!