Duality, the new cinematic of Valorant

The Valorant Masters in Reykjavik offered more than just competition. We were promised more lore content soon, and it's here with the Duality cinematic, revealed on the last day of the tournament.

In this cinematic, we follow Killjoy trying to defuse a spike on Bind's site C. She is then joined by Viper and Phoenix, the latter going directly after an assailant who turns out to be a carbon copy of himself. Phoenix, confused by having to confront his alter-ego, is saved by Viper who shoots the second Phoenix, forcing him to flee. Finally, the three Agents manage to disarm the spike, and Viper answers Phoenix's questions by declaring that it's time to bring him up to date.

The events of the Duality cinematic are surprising. Indeed, we see Phoenix and Viper in the same camp whereas they were adversaries in the previous cinematic, Retake. This is explained at the end of the short-film by the fact that an event seems to have duplicated the Earth or opened a rift to another dimension. So there is another place besides Earth, home to carbon copies of the Agents. The latter battle the Earth Agents for control of the radianite stockpile.

In theory, therefore, there are not Agents linked to Kingdom or the Valorant project, but they are allied according to their original dimension. By the way, these two dimensions also explain why two identical Agents can fight each other in the game, avoiding a "ludonarrative dissonance" as explains David Nottingham, Valorant's Creative Director

After watching this new cinematic, we can legitimately ask ourselves why the two dimensions are fighting each other ? We know that they want to control the radianite stock, but to what end? Furthermore, is the radianite the cause of this dimensional opening, and if so, how?

So many questions that should be answered in the coming weeks as Riot reveals more about the Valorant lore.