Dissolution of the Valar Morghulis team

On Tuesday 23rd August, the Valar Morghulis has announced its end. After a season of fighting valiantly in the Valorant Regional League France, the team failed to retain its place by being eliminate during Up&Down which took place last week.

Valar Morghulis was among the teams qualified for the VRL France thanks to the Open Qualifier, alongside Wylde. The players had a split 1 complicated as he finished on a top 7, winning just one game and drew three and lost three.

To prepare for the split 2, many changes have been made in the roster. Three players were replaced, as well as the coach. With this all new team, it was hoped that Valar Morghulis would shine a little brighter. However, it was still difficult for the players who accumulated fourteen defeats and only four wins.

Ending up in the ninth place in split 2, the team was forced to play Up&Down of the VRL France. Once again, this did not go as planned and the roster was defeated twice : once in the Upper Bracket final by ZERANCE, and once in the Lower Bracket final by Atletec.

This double defeat thus marks the end of the VRL adventure for Valar Morghulis, but also means the end of the team, as announced by Killu on his social networks.

It is now hoped that all players will bounce back and find a structure to play competitively in the 2023 season.