Dissolution of Cloud9 White

The Game Changers appeared in the US in March 2021. Cloud9 White quickly established themselves as the best players in the NA region. After two seasons of unquestioned dominance, the C9W roster was disbanded. This decision was made by mutual agreement between the players: they were offered a contract renewal, but preferred to look for new opportunities. Given their respective talents, there is no doubt that Bob, meL, katsumi, Jazzyk1ns and alexis will find a new structure for the next edition of the Game Changers circuit,

"A Legacy of excellence, dominance and 6x Championships.", these words sum up the Cloud9 White adventure particularly well. From March 2021 to October 2022, Bob, meL, katsumi, Jazzyk1ns and alexis participated in six North American Game Changers tournaments. More than just participating, they crushed their opponents six times.

Overall, they played 61 maps and conceded only 4. Cloud 9 White got a win rate of 93.4% ; a real achievement. Finally, in 26 matches in the Game Changers, the North American players only lost once. This mistake occurred during the second tournament of 2022. Despite this defeat, they still managed to win the Grand Final, after a superb run in the lower bracket.

Thanks to their excellent performance this year, the C9Ws have obtained their slot for the Game Changers Championship. Sent to the lower bracket by G2 Gozen, after a win over KRU Female, Cloud 9 White defeated Guild X before falling to Shopify Rebellion GC. The team ended the 2022 season with a fourth place in this summit tournament.

The dominance of this roster has definitely come to an end, as the structure announced the dissolution of the latter. This was a joint and deliberate decision, as the players had the choice to continue with Cloud 9, as explained by meL in a TwitLonger.

In its official statement, the organisation did not fail to thank the players for everything they have contributed to Cloud9. Yasabel Müller, General Manager of C9W, also spoke on the subject:

Seeing this team thrive in the Game Changers scene and beyond has brought us so much joy at Cloud9. I am thankful and proud of everything we have achieved over the last two years. I am sure every player here will continue to break boundaries in esports!

Yasabel Müller

At the moment there is no information to suggest that they will actually break the boundaries of esports again, but the ex-Cloud9 Whites are determined to continue their career. In her TwitLonger, katsumi says she is confident that "Cloud9 White is just the first chapter in my story". Also, Jazzyk1ns explained, via social networks, that she is still young and wants to continue competing until she reaches her goals.

All five players have excellent experience of top-level competition and should find a new structure for the 2023 season.