Disguised Toast launches His Valorant team

The famous content creator known as Disguised Toast, recently unveiled his own Valorant team. Jeremy Wang is entering the competition with players well known to the competitive scene. He has signed Steel, Exalt, XXiF, Genghsta, , former players at Knights and 100Thieves, as well as clear, who played for the sqn 2.0 team.

More and more streamers and youtubers are creating their own sports clubs. In January 2022, Zerator and Meteora launched Team Mandatory, shortly after Shaunz, DFG and MisterMV launched on TFT with Team Aegis, and more recently, Tomy from Joblife set up his Valorant team. Of course, this practice is not restricted to the hegemony: the Spanish organisation KOI is the result of a collaboration between the streamer Ibai and the former football player Gerard Piqué.

Today, an American content creator is embarking on this crazy adventure. Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast, is known for his Hearthstone content. However, it is Riot Games' FPS that he has chosen to join with his own team Valorant. Recently, he revealed on Twitter the acquisition of five players to participate in the Challengers League: North America Open Qualifier.

Youtuber Disguised Toast launches his own Valorant team.

Disguised Toast benefits from the expertise and talent of experienced players. Steel has long fought for 100Thieves. During the VCT 2021, he participated in various important stages, winning for example the Challengers 1 Stage 2 and even taking the 3/4th place at the Masters 3 in Berlin.

Exalt, XXiF, Genghsta, were playing for Knights, the famous structure based in Pittsburg. Between Nerd Street Gamers tournaments and several VCT stages for Genghsta, these three players have experience of high level competition. The team is completed by Clear; a strategic choice for the team, stilll lacking a duelist.

Unlike to Challengers France, which already existed last year under the name VRL, a selection stage was indeed required in the US. DSG started the North American Qualifier on 10th January, and they are performing well to say the least: 5 games, 5 wins.