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Discover the Undercity skins collection

Riot Games has just unveiled to its community its new collection of skins for Valorant. The collection is calledUndercity and is already available in the game's shop.

This new collection directly echoes the latest video published by the FPS editor and which highlights Jett. In this one, we can see the Duelist evolving in the streets of Seoul, in the middle of a very cyberpunk decor composed of neon lights and many colours.

The Undercity collection itself is very colourful and reminiscent of an existing and quite popular set of skins: Glitchpop.

Undercity skins collection

On the weapons, we can see the face of a woman who can also be seen in Jett's video, plastered on some buildings in Seoul. Her name is said to be Victoria Vector, but we don't have much more information about her. Some people think that she could be one of the next Agents to be released in the game, but Riot has not communicated anything about this.

Maybe this theory will prove to be true in a few months, or maybe this woman is just the face of this new collection and we won't see her again. To be continued...

Composition of the Undercity pack

The pack consists of four firearms and a melee. It also contains a player card. The whole pack can be obtained for 7100 Valorant Points, but each item can be purchased separately.

  • Player Card: 375 VP
  • Bulldog: 1,775 VP
  • Classic: 1,775 VP
  • Judge: 1,775 VP
  • Phantom: 1,775 VPs
  • Melee: 3,550 VP

As usual, buying the whole package will cost you less than buying each item individually.

The collection is available until 1st March, so don't delay if you want to get it, because after that it will be too late.