Discover the TitanMail skins collection

While the RGX 11z Pro has just left the shop, Riot Games has unveiled its new bundle of skins. The bundle is called Titanmail and has a style that is not unknown to the Valorant community.

This new set is very reminiscent of an existing collection in the game: the Forsaken. One of the differences between the two is that the Forsaken bundle has colours that lean towards dark green, whereas Titanmail is mainly on a yellow/light green colour palette.

Composition of the Titanmail pack

Unlike the last sets released in the shop, this one contains only weapon skins: four guns and one melee weapon. It does not include sprays or player cards.

You can now purchase the pack for a total of 5,100 Valorant Points.

  • Ares: 1,275 VPs
  • Vandal: 1 275 VPs
  • Bucky: 1,275 VPs
  • Frenzy: 1 275 VPs
  • Mace (melee): 2,550 VP

As usual, you can buy each item separately but it will always be cheaper to buy the whole bundle.

The TitanMail collection is already available in the shop and will disappear on 24th May, so don't delay in buying it if you've got your eye on it.