Discover the Team Ace skins

A new set of skins has just been released on Valorant. This one is called Team Ace and is already available in the game shop.

This new collection is strongly reminiscent of an existing collection called Valorant Go. Indeed, the latter featured characters from the game, just like Team Ace. Thus, Jett, Cypher, KillJoy, Reyna, Sage, Sova, Yoru, Viper, Phoenix and Raze had already received a skin with their effigy. Now, five of them are getting a new skin and they are Jett, Reyna, Yoru, Raze and Phoenix.

Each skin corresponds to one of these agents and the colours associated with it. This new collection is therefore quite colourful and especially dedicated to Duelists, since these five Agents belong to this class. Only Neon, the last one, has been left out. Moreover, this new set does not include a knife, as is often the case in the packs presented by Riot Games.

Team Skins Ace

Composition of the Team Ace pack

The pack consists of sixteen elements. Five firearms, five graffiti, five team cards and a good luck charm. All can be obtained for 5,616 Valorant Points, although each item can be purchased individually.

  • Sprays: 325VPs/unit
  • Cards: 375VPs/unit
  • Gunbuddy: 475 VPs/unit
  • Operator: 1 275 VPs
  • Frenzy: 1 275 VPs
  • Judge: 1 275 VPs
  • Phantom: 1 275 VPs
  • Vandal: 1 275 VPs

As usual, you should know that buying the whole package will be cheaper than buying each item one by one.

Finally, if you want to get this new collection you have until 30th March, so don't delay too long.