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Discover Reyna and her abilities in action!

Riot Games keeps on teasing us by revealing bit by bit information about the upcoming Agent of Valorant. After giving us a preview of her face yesterday, they published a video dedicated to her today. The official Twitter account presents us Reyna !

The video doesn't just reveal her name. We also have the pleasure to discover a gameplay sequence of Reyna, with the use of her abilities in combat. Nothing's really explained, but we can still see some interesting points.

Reyna's Abilities

The first peculiarity of Reyna is that she seems to have two signature abilities. Or at least, the uses of her abilities 2 and 3 are common.

Reyna appears to be an Agent related to orbs. When she kills an opponent, a purple orb appears above their corpse for a short time. Reyna can grab this orb from a distance. The effect of the orb is not yet clear, but she uses an ability point to grab it. We imagine that she can grab an orb with one or the other signature ability and both will have two different effects.

We don't know yet what allows Reyna to do it, but she can see enemies highlighted in red. This ability doesn't work through walls. When she kills an enemy highlighted in red, she receives healing and combat stimulation.

Her first ability looks like an eye. Reyna can throw it from a short distance and through walls. She then says " See Nothing ", which seems to mean that it has a negative impact on the vision of enemies. Since the ability doesn't blind Reyna, we don't know if the eye blinds opponents. We even see that Jett tries to destroy it as a priority when she arrives in combat, which suggests that the eye is destructible.

Does it reveal enemies in its field of vision to allies? Does it blurr the map of opponents? Is Reyna invisible when around it?

A last thought regarding Reyna's abilities: even if we don't see her directly using her second ability, its icon is a healing symbol.

Finally, a final remark concerning this sequence: it takes places on a map that we don't know yet. Or at least, not officially. The location is very smiliar to the Spike Pose training zone, which corresponds to what we already know about Ascent further to the datamining.

Reyna and Ascent will be available at game's official release, on 2nd June 2020.