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Die For You: the music video of the Valorant Champions 2021

The Valorant Champions 2021 now has its anthem and it's called Die For You. Recently unveiled by Riot Games, it takes us to Split. It features four of the game's Agents: Sage, Phoenix and Brimstone facing off against Chamber. The first three try to defuse the Spike on the B site of the map, while the last one tries to stop them, armed with his sniper. 

As Phoenix takes off after activating his ultimate, Chamber shoots a bullet that goes straight for him. We are then directly propelled into a vision of Brimstone. He is walking through a desolate landscape with a gun in his hand. Suddenly, a young woman appears. She holds out her hand, making his gun disappear. The next moment, everything collapses around them and the Agent tries to hold back a huge weight that threatens to crush them both. Unfortunately, he does not succeed, and one can imagine that either he has failed to protect someone in the family of this young woman and that he will have to tell her the news, or that he has failed to protect her herself.

The woman intervenes in the vision as Phoenix is about to be shot, so one might assume that she has a connection to him. Perhaps his mother or sister ? Others think she might have a connection to a very old friend that Brimstone lost, the one seen in the photos in a recently accessible room on the game's training range. She could potentially be his wife or daughter.

Die For You: the video of the Valorant Champions 2021 - valorant brimstone 1 photo frame -

On their side, Sage and Phoenix must also face their inner demons and try to defeat them. In his vision, Phoenix is entrusted with an orb, which gives him his powers, which he doesn't seem to master at first. As for Sage, she finds herself trapped on the island where she is, imprisoned in a crystalline block from which she manages to free herself by shouting. It is as if she is freeing herself from a heavy burden that has imprisoned her for too long.

When we return to the present moment, Phoenix is hit and disappears in the flames. He reappears a few seconds later thanks to his ultimate, having dodged Chamber's normally deadly shot. The three Agents then rush to the spike to defuse it. At the last second, they leave their place to the three individuals represented in their visions, which shows that they have managed to accept and reconcile with their respective pasts.

Once again, Riot Games puts the emphasis on animation, with a video of impressive quality. Very few games can boast of having such advanced animated videos. Such an achievement for such a young game demonstrates the publisher's desire toanchor its competition in the esports landscape, just like the League of Legends Worlds, which inherits its own anthem every year. The video also allows us to indirectly learn more about three of the game's characters, and thus toflesh out the Valorant lore.

The Valorant Champions will start on 1st December and we will probably hear Die For You at the opening ceremony of the event.