Developers tease the new Agent on Split

Chances are that the update 1.04 soit la dernière du premier Acte de Valorant. Histoire de faire monter la hype à l’approche du prochain chapitre, les développeurs s’amusent à ajouter de petits clins d’œil. Depuis le dernier patch, on peut retrouver a silhouette of the future new Agent of Valorant.

It's on Split that we can find this little easter-egg. A silhouette cut out of cardboard was placed in a shoe store. " To have in store " means " to have in reserve". Having such an item appear in a store symbolically means that Riot has an Agent in reserve and that they can't wait to reveal it to us.

Valorant : Silhouette du prochain Agent
The silhouette in the shoe store of Split

It certainly doesn't tell us anything about this Agent (unless it's related to shoes, but that's not a sure thing). On the other hand, it does help build excitement among the players. It's also an effective way to bond with the community.

Valorant : Silhouette du prochain Agent

Note, however, that it's not exactly the same silhouette as the one unveiled a few weeks ago. It doesn't carry weapons and doesn't have arms crossed. On the other hand, we recognise the build and the distinctive shape of the head.

This isn't the first time developers have had fun sliding stuff in preparation for a big patch. Before the official launch of Valorant, an easter-egg slightly less discreet had appeared. It wasa dimensional rift above the training range that made everyone speculate.

As a reminder, Riot Games has planned to divide its seasons into Episodes and Acts. Each Act would last approximately two months and should bring with it a new Agent, for a total of 6 Agents per year. Technically, this new Agent should be revealed in about 2 weeks.