DetonatioN FocusMe and Crazy Raccoon team up for VCT2024

Recently, the Japanese structure DetonatioN FocusMe has unveiled its new roster for next season's Valorant Champions Tour. The seven players selected include three former members of the team Crazy RaccoonIn particular Miey. In reality, the two groups are doing more than simply transferring their activities, since behind this announcement lies a genuine partnership aimed at developing the Japanese sports scene.

Valorant on the coast in Japan

Since the launch of Valorant in 2020, the Japanese esports scene on Riot Games' FPS has gone from strength to strength. Japan is even home to some of the world's best-known teams, including ZETA Division, Fennel, Crazy Raccoon and DetonatioN FocusMe. And where there are famous teams, there are fans!

In 2022, the Japanese audience was probably the most attracted to the competition on Valorant, compared with other countries. According to data from Esport Charts, the peak audience for an official match was reached in Japan, with 291,787 spectatorsThis compares with 216,858 in the NA region and just 159,693 in EMEA.

Once again this year, the shooting game seems to be very popular in the land of the rising sun. The first Challengers Japan Split attracted a maximum of 160,700 viewers, with an average attendance of around 73,000. While the figures slightly reduced in the second Splitbut they are still much higher than those Challengers France. And in the Pacific League, the five most-watched matches - ranked by peak viewers - were between ZETA Division to another team, ZETA Division being the second best Japanese team at the moment,

The Japanese craze has not escaped Riot Games. In 2023, Japan has been in the spotlight on more than one occasion, notably with the holding of the only VCT Masters in Tokyo. In the same vein, the Red Bull Home Ground also took place on Japanese soil, and for the first time in the tournament's history, Japanese teams took part.

A partnership between DetonatioN FocusMe and Crazy Raccoon

And the Japanese Valorant scene could well see even greater growth in the future. DetonatioN FocusMe and Crazy Raccoon are two organisations that are particularly involved in esports in general in Japan. Crazy Raccoon has players on Valorant, Apex Legends and Brawl Stars, while DNF has a team on League of Legends, Fortnite and Splatoon, to name just a few of their divisions.

And it's because they both want esport to develop even further in Japan, that they have decided to join forces. At least, that's what was announced in an official statement issued by Crazy Raccoon "We have entered into this commercial partnership agreement with the aim of further developing the Japanese sports industry by working with Japan's top professional teams..

The partnership mainly concerns the Valorant branch of the two groups.DNF and Crazy Raccoon have recently pooled their players to form an experienced team, but we'll come back to this in the next section. It appears that DNF and Crazy Raccoon are keen to develop influencer activity in this new team.

Not an impossible goal, given that Meiy is part of the team. For the record, the streamer and Youtuber, who is also a professional player, has more than 115,000 subscribers on YouTube and around 152,000 followers on Twitch. By taking advantage of the influence of this player, and possibly other content creators, DetonatioN FocusMe and Crazy Raccoon could well succeed in putting the Valorant scene in the spotlight, and, in fineto develop the industry even further.

The new DetonatioN FocusMe roster

To win on the Valorant Champions Tour or in the Challengers, it's important - and almost necessary - to have talented players who are used to the competition. A few weeks ago, Shopify Revellion and Moist Esports have joined forces for the NA 2024 Challengers.

While the development of the esports scene does indeed seem to be at the heart of the aforementioned agreement, DetonatioN FocusMe and Crazy Raccoon are also aiming to perform in the Pacific League next year. As previously stated, the two organisations have combined their players into a single teamunder the DetonatioN FocusMe banner. The choice of one or the other is not a matter of chance - nor is it really a choice at all - given that DNF has been a franchisee since September 2022CR is not.

The team has been rebuilt around Suggest and Anthem, two players from from the previous DNF roster. They will be accompanied by Meiy, neth and popogachithree ex-Crazy Raccoon. In order to be ready for any situation, the directors have decided to expand the main roster to a total of seven players, adding the following to the team JoxJoex-Fennel, and SSeeSThe DNF secondary team.

All these players have a good deal of experience of top-level competition and have all taken part in the VCT in the past. Together, they could well spring a surprise in the Pacific in 2024. In any case, the ambition is there! In an interview published on YouTube, Nobuyuki Umezakihead of DNF, said "We are all united to win the Pacific League and achieve results in the Masters and Valorant Champions that live up to everyone's expectations"..

In the meantime, the new DetonatioN FocusMe line-up will have the opportunity to showcase its expertise at the ONE Pro Invitational, scheduled for December. To watch the matches live, go to Valorant's Twitch channel.