Skins and music for the Valorant Champions 2023

The Valorant Champions kicks off in just a few days, and to mark the occasion, Riot Games has unveiled a collection of skins The game's cosmetics fans will be delighted! FPS music aficionados will also find something to their liking, as the publisher is due to release the entire Ticking Awaythe anthem of this last VCT 2023 competition.

A new Valorant Champions collection

As each major event on the Valorant Champions Tour approaches, some players look forward to seeing the world's best teams battle it out, while others are already dreaming of the new cosmetics specially designed for the occasion.

If you fall into this second category, you'll be pleased to know that the designers have rolled up their sleeves again for Valorant Champions 2023 and produced a superb collection of skins. Gold and purple in the spotlight this yearThe result is both attractive and elegant, to say the least. We also particularly like the finisherwhich showcases the player as a true champion. We'll let you see for yourself!

According to information provided by official Valorant accountsThis set includes a liner for the Vandal and the melee weapon. A gunbuddy can also be seen in the trailer. It's possible that other items will be included in the bundle, including a player card and a unique title, as has been the case in previous years.

This content will be available for purchase shortly before the tournament kicks off. Friday 4 August. As usual, Valorant Champions skins will only be on sale for a limited time, so you'll need to be quick to add them to your personal collection.

Ticking Away, the anthem of the competition

With over 70 million views on the official FPS channel, the music for Valorant Champions 2021, Die For Youhas become iconic. Encouraged by the buzz generated by this first piece of music, Riot Games has decided to continue its musical adventure in 2022. Last year, TenZ, mimi, Sacy and other personalities from the scene were at the centre of the video for Fire Againthe second banger produced for the most prestigious tournament of the season.

Many people are waiting to discover the sound that will set the pace for the 2023 competition. If that's you, rest assured: the wait is coming to an end. Several days ago, the Riot Games Music account has released some initial information.

We now know that the song is entitled Ticking Awaywhich means 'the passing of time'. Without too many surprises, Grabbitz has been commissioned to design this new anthem; he was already responsible for the last two. But this time, the artist collaborated with bbno$ to create a unique sound.

Even more recently, and to the delight of fans, the Valorant accounts gave a sneak preview of Ticking Away by publishing about fifteen seconds of the song and the first images from the clip.

The graphic style is reminiscent of that of of the manga Valorant released at Masters Tokyo. Could it be that Riot Games is offering us a sequel? To find out for sure, we'll have to wait and see. wait until 4pmTicking Away will be available at the following time on all platforms. EDIT: Ticking Away is now available for listening.