New features for the Valorant Challengers 2024

Between Premier modeaffiliation and the new player loan system, Riot Games aims to create more connection between the different levels of the Valorant professional circuit, in particular with the Challengers. We explain all the new features planned for the 2024 season.

Premier mode will enable you to join the Challengers

Unveiled in October last year, Premier mode will be an integral part of the Valorant sports circuit. This information is not entirely new, since Riot Games had already explained that the aim of this mode was to offer the best players without structures an opportunity to shine and, in fineto take itself to the next level. Today, the studio provides more more details on this subject and indicates that Premier mode will give access to the Valorant Challengers League.

We now know that the best-performing teams in Elite mode tournaments will have the opportunity to take part in the a promotional tournament. During this competition, they will first compete against each other, to have a chance to measure themselves against the Challengers teams - probably the lowest-ranked - and hope to earn a place in the next Split.

Schedule for the Valorant Challengers 2024 - Two new promotional tournaments have been added.

There will therefore be two tournaments a yearThe second will give access to the 2025 season. For the record, the season will start in October 2024 rather than January of the following year.

In addition, it would appear that each region will have its own rules governing the running of these tournaments. We have no further information at the moment, but this should be the case. early November. So if you're interested in the competition, you'll have to wait a little longer!

More connections between Leagues and Challengers

In the future, Riot Games hopes that the different levels of the circuit professional Valorant are more connected. With this in mind, the studio has introduced a number of systems offering new opportunities for league players, including affiliation, versatility and player loans.

  • Affiliation is a genuine partnership between franchised teams and Challengers or Game Changers teams from the same region. For example, EMEA League organisations will be able to affiliate with Challengers EMEA or Game Changers EMEA teams. Two affiliated teams will be able to collaborate more freely, for example to create content.
  • Affiliated structures will also benefit from versatile players. This is a new status for substitute players in franchised teams. From now on, they will be able to "They can join the affiliated team as Challengers or Game Changers, gaining valuable tournament experience instead of being bored on the bench.
  • Player loans is a little different. League teams will be able to loan a player to a team taking part in the Game Changers or Challengers, even if they have no affiliation with that team. In addition, there are no geographical restrictions on this loan system. The other major difference with multi-skilled players is that "Players on loan will not be able to take part in their parent team's matches until the end of the loan period..

Based on this information, it seems entirely possible that some female players will appear in the VCT in 2024. This would be a major first in the history of this circuit, which until now has been 100% for men.

All the 2024 Challengers Leagues

As last season, there will be no less than 20 different leagues spread across the EMEA, Pacific and Americas regions.

All the 2024 Challengers Leagues