Nerves for Raze with Valorant patch 7.09

Today, Raze is a Duelist well known for her explosive side and her ability to destroy opposing gadgets with her skills. With patch 7.09developers should bring different nerves which will ask players to be more precise when they use their abilities, whether to inflict damage or destroy enemy tools.

When hands Sentinels are trying to find new set-ups for their tools, and their efforts are wiped out in a matter of seconds by Raze's grenades or the skills of other Agents, the situation can be a little frustrating.

With the future patch 7.09 of Valorant, Riot Games addresses this problem by bringing buffs in Cypher, but also and above all nerves at Raze. At least, that's what's planned for the time being, as indicated in the PBE patch notes.

The hand grenade explodes to reveal more grenades.

The first skill to be affected is none other than sa Grenade gigogne. The objective is very clear. The studio wants players to be more It's a "precise" game, with grenades that do damage not only to enemies, but also to their traps.

Visit all the nerves which have recently been tested:

  • The explosion radius of the primary grenade has been reduced to 5.5m from 6m,
  • The blast radius of secondary grenades has been reduced to 5.25m from 6m,
  • The minimum damage inflicted by the explosion of the primary grenade is reduced to 1, compared with 15 previously. The same nerf is envisaged for secondary grenades,
  • The damage multiplier against opposing gadgets drops to 100%, compared with 250% previously.
Explosive packs have a multitude of functions.

The other competence concerned is the explosive pack. This skill is not subject to as many changes as the previous one, but it's not always necessary to make a lot of adjustments to bring about change.

Visit Nerves considered for this capacity :

  • The explosive pack will no longer inflict damage until it is fully armed, i.e. not until the green light is visible on the tool.
  • The time taken to equip the Pack has been increased by one second, from 0.5s to 1.5s.

Presumably, these changes won't affect players' ability to move quickly thanks to the "double satchelThis is because it still seems possible to activate the explosion before the end of the arming process.

For the moment, it's just a question of that any changesAlthough it's likely that they will all appear in the game soon. And by soon, we mean from Wednesday 1 Novemberpatch 7.09 is due to be deployed on the night of Tuesday 31 October.