Changes to certain Smokes with patch 7.08

After implementation patch 7.08 of Valorant, smokes of certain Agents, namely OmenAstra and Brimstone, will have visual and audio cues in advance of their demise. Some players are already worried about the impact these changes will have in the long term, while others see them in a much brighter light.

Riot Games regularly tests new features through the PBE. Ahead of each new session, potential changes are published. on RedditIn addition to the players who will be taking part in the test phase, the rest of the community will also be warned. Sometimes these publications provoke strong reactions on the networks, as was the case when Chamber's nerves have been exposed.

This weekend, some players had access to the session dedicated to the future 7.08 patch. They were able to test live one of the biggest changes planned with this update, namely adding a sound effect and a visual effect on Astra, Omen and Brimstone smokes. These effects will appear 1.5s before they disappear.

Brimstone, Astra and Omen smoke and smokes have been slightly modified with patch 6.08 of Valorant.

Once again, it didn't take long for the first feedback to come in. And the least we can say is that not all players welcome this change with open arms, professionals included. BcJex-Evil Geniuses, says not be "A big fan of this changeHe believes that knowing the timing of the dissipation of smokes is an integral part of the know-how of very good controllers.

On the other handOthers believe that this change will be useful for new players, as it will make it easier to learn the game and allow them to concentrate on more important aspects in combat situations - many players have already been fooled by a smoke that disappears in front of them just as they were about to cross it... JoshRTG2 Esports' coach explains that "Most players now have one less thing to learn to play the game effectively thanks to the addition of a 1.5s warning. It's an intuitive feature that frees up mental resources"..

In addition, this modification could simply be a way of aligning Controllers with each other. Harbor, like Viper, has skills that present visual and audible cues when they are about to disappear. For example, the water dome shield collapses if it hasn't already been destroyed.

While it's entirely possible that Riot Games is looking to make the game easier to learn or to balance the Agents, it's also likely that the studio wants to make its FPS more visual for spectators. The idea is more than credible, given that this change comes during the off-season, an ideal time to test and implement new features before the start of the next Valorant Champions Tour. Ryan CousartGame Designer on Valorant, has also spoken out about the new smoke grenades, and his response to the various feedbacks is along the same lines:

Making changes in favour of gameplay clarity can be a difficult balancing act, as it can have a negative perception for players who have invested in mastering some of the obscure but critical elements of the games, such as smokes or jungle timing. I understand all the comments about the smokes changes and I think I would have felt the same way in the past. After testing these changes, I've come to appreciate the extra clarity both as a player and as a spectator, for the fights around the smokes, particularly in the heat of the action. We've been testing these changes for months, but the real test is when you get your hands on it, so we'll be listening carefully to your feedback. We hope they will have the same impact on you as they have on us internally.

Ryan Cousart - Twitter/X

It's already clear that fights involving smoke grenades are set to change, but we'll have to wait several weeks to see the real impact of this change in-game. So let's wait and see...