Dephh joins Sentinels for VCT 2023

For several weeks now, all the teams selected for the VCT 2023 have been looking for the best players to form their new team. With this in mind, Sentinels separated from several of its members and started rebuilding with Zekken, before recruiting Sacy and pANcada. The organisation has just announced the latest addition to the team, who is none other than Dephh, former in-game leader at XSET. With TenZ as fifth man, the structure intends to restore its reputation next season.

Like we recently reported on, Sentinels had a golden period. At the top of the competitive scene, the team was considered invincible. On a FPS like Valorant, reaching the TOP is one thing, staying there is another. With the meteoric rise of many other teams, the supremacy of the red coat of arms came to an end. In 2022, the structure struggled to return to the forefront of the scene. Despite the unlikely changes and efforts, Sentinels failed to qualify for the Valorant Champions.

The mixed results of the last season, and the announcement of his selection for the VCT 2023, pushed the organisation to make some changes. The restructuring of the team began with the recruitment of new members of the coaching staff. kaplan and SyykoNT have taken over the reins of the team. TenZ "is here to stay", and thus kept his place alongside zekken, a new recruit from XSET. Two former LOUD players, pANcada and Sacy were then added to the roster.

To finalise the team, Sentinels recently announced the signing of Dephh, also from XSET. With this addition, the structure benefits froman excellent in-game leader, but also an Initiator specialised on KAY/O and Breach. The work of building a united team should be made easier, as some of the players already know each other very well. pANcada has even already started his learning of English, which makes the task even easier!

Teams participating in the new 2023 leagues must include six players in the active roster (as indicated in the rulebook, paragraph 3.4). For the time being the situation of Shroud remains uncertain, but he could perhaps be the final player on the roster, as Dephh has been announced as "The last piece of the puzzle".

With this stellar team, we can't wait to see if the Sentinels return to their place as a Legendary team in 2023. The players will be able to give a glimpse of their potential as a team as early as next February, at the the first international LAN grouping all the selected teams.