Deadlock gets a buff with Valorant patch 8.00

Since joining last June, Deadlock is having a hard time winning over the hearts of gamers, both professional and amateur. And since the previous patch 7.10 buff wasn't enough, the developers are taking advantage of the new episode of Valorant to make a few changes aimed at make it more attractive. They will take effect from the beginning of episode eightwith patch 8.00.

Changes to Ultrasonic Radar

Deadlock Ultrasonic Radar capability in Valorant

The Ultrasonic radar is interesting, but unfortunately it's fairly easy to counter and takes a long time to get going. So it's hardly surprising that Riot Games has chosen to take a closer look at how it works. The objective behind the adjustments made to this skill could not be clearer; the developers want to "increase the agent's flexibility.

Here are all the changes available with patch 8.00 :

  • Ultrasonic Radar can now be picked up and redeployed instantlyThe tool can be used both during the pre-round phase and during the rounds themselves. Note that you must have a visual on the tool to be able to retrieve it.
  • The distance at which you can pick it up has been greatly increased, from 12m to 27m.
  • The time to stun, once the radar has been triggered, has been reduced from 1s to 0.5s.
  • The time taken for enemies to destroy the radar is reduced to 0.5s from 0.65s.

Deadlock and his allies will also now be able to hear the sound emitted by the radar - a sort of buzzing sound - if they are in its area of effect.

Changes to the Barrier Disc

The developers also turned their attention to the Barrier Disc skill. By drastically increasing the maximum length of wallsFrom 6 to 10m, Deadlock will be able to "divide up much larger spaces than is possible with comparable utilities".. This way, you can easily close choke points and stop an opponent's push.

Length of Barrier Disc walls before patch 8.00 of Valorant
Length of walls before patching 8.00
Length of Barrier Disc walls after patch 8.00 of Valorant
Length of walls after patching 8.00

For the record, Update 8.00 should be available on the night of Tuesday 9 to Wednesday 10 January. In addition to these changes to Deadlock, it will include the addition of the Outlawa brand new double-shot sniper!