Deadlock gets a buff with Valorant patch 7.10

Released last June, Deadlock Sentry was not as popular with gamers as the developers had hoped. Eager to give it another chance to prove itself, the design teams unveil a much-anticipated buff for this Agent. The changes will be effective from patch 7.10 of Valorant. Here's a summary of all the changes.

When a new Agent appears in the game, it usually takes a while to find its place in the meta. Let's face it, players are still trying to figure out how to make the most of Deadlock's skills, not to say that they've cast her aside completely.

In competitive mode, the Sentinel is only really selected in the lowest ranks - and not in the highest ranks. its pick rate is around 2% - but at a higher level, it is almost never played; beyond the Silver rank, its selection rate remains at less than 1% since Act 1 of Episode 7. Even in the pros, she didn't make the grade, as evidenced by the fact that she didn't even appear once at the Valorant Champions 2023.

To everyone's surprise, no changes have been made to the Agent since its releaseThis is despite the expectations of players who see its potential in-game. Lately, it's been Cypher and Raze who have been on the developers' radar, with these two Agents receiving a buff and a nerf respectively, with patch 7.09. But the wait is over!

While there was no mention of any changes to Deadlock in patch notes 7.10 for the last PBE session, Jeff LambaValorant Community Manager, has republished a video on X revealing a number of changes. We understand that the Agent is finally getting a buff! It seems that this buff only concerns Deadlock's GravNet skill.

  • The first change is linked to the gravity imposed by the trap. This has been increased. As a result, Jett will no longer be able to escape GravNet's clutches using Ascending Current, or even Tailwind. It's an interesting change that will no doubt make it possible to capture Jett playing the Operator, as long as GravNet is properly launched.
  • The second change simply concerns the size of the GravNet zone of effect. This is significantly increased, from 6m to 8m. Once again, this is a good way of preventing a Jett from escaping, but more generally, it's an effective tool for capturing all or part of a team that's starting a rush on site.
  • For the third change, the developers have tackled the time it takes to remove the trap when you are hit. It's now slightly longer, rising from 0.8s to 1.5s. We'll have to see what the real impact is in game, but this change could well change the game and offer Deadlock and his team more easy kills.
  • This is especially true from patch 7.10 onwards, the GravNet's hold will remain active indefinitely as long as the person affected does not remove the trap. Previously, the effect faded after a given time. Opponents are therefore forced to drop their weapon for 1.5s, leaving them vulnerable during this period.

As previously mentioned, the video is dedicated solely to this skill. We don't know whether Deadlock's other abilities will also undergo changes. In any case, many players are already asking for a buff of their Ultrasonic Radar on the social networks...

For the record, Valorant patch 7.10 will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 15 November. We should have more details later this afternoon. We'll be sure to publish the associated patch notes to keep you informed.