Deadlock, Valorant's new Sentinel

In conclusion the Tokyo Masters in style, Riot Games has unveiled the future Agent for Valorant : Deadlock. The aim is to of a Sentinel ready to ambush her opponents before appearing from the shadows to deliver the fatal blow. Here's a look at her web- and net-based skills.

Introducing Deadlock

Deadlock is a Norwegian agent. According to Alexander Mistakidis, the character's game designer, the idea was to create a Sentinel who didn't need to install all her tools at the start of the game, but who was just as capable of guarding and locking down an area as her counterparts.

Deaclock - Valorant Wallpaper

Deadlock's skills feature a variety of traps using nano-cables in the same way as a web on a loom.

Deadlock's skills

GraveNet (C)

Deadlock throws a grenade that impedes the movement of all enemies caught in its wide blast radius. Affected players are then forced to move in a crouched position, very slowly. They can free themselves from the net if they wish, but are then unable to move or fire for a short time.

Ultrasonic radar (A)

Deadlock deploys an ultrasound radar on a wall. The radar detects all the sounds made by the enemies in front of it (footsteps, gunfire, etc). If the radar detects a sound, it explodes in a wide area in front of it, disorientating any enemies it hits.

Restraint net (E)

Deadlock throws a disc in front of her. When it hits the ground, the disc unfolds and weaves walls into a cross shape. The walls allow bullets and skills to pass through, but prevent players from getting through. To destroy the wall, you need to destroy the cable reels at their ends. It is possible to destroy all the walls at once by shooting into the central core, but it is much more resistant than the others.

Annihilation (X)

Deadlock fires a salvo of nanocables in front of it, leaving a spool of cable on the ground. The cable can bounce off a wall to continue its journey. If it comes into contact with an opponent in its path, it captures them.

The opponent is then deprived of all movement and can no longer shoot. He is gradually drawn towards the point of origin of the shot. If he hits the reel left by Deadlock, the captured opponent is killed immediately, whatever his HP and armour. The victim's allies can save him by shooting the cable reel.

Deadlock seems to be a versatile enough agent to be useful on just about any map. It remains to be seen what the limitations of these different skills will be, and how players will take to them. The Agent will be available at the launch of Episode 7, with the new MME mode and its three maps.