Day 1 Recap – Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup

To say the least, Day 1 of the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup was full of events and surprises! There were 128 teams at start, there are already only 8 left. All of the teams threw themselves into the fray, which of course caused a few sparks to fly.

Back on Day 1

Round of 128

The first step of the tournament took place on Bind. Unlike our first Mandatory Cup, the competition only has players at least ranked Platinum 1. This gave us much more spectacular first rounds.

Most of the games were fiercely contested. Some ended in over time, sometimes going as far as 18-16. Not many surprises regarding the favourites however, the big teams have all passed the first round with flying colours. Fish123 and FABRIKEN both won their matches with a score of 13-2 while Ninjas in Pyjamas and nolpenki Ninjas in Pyjamas and nolpenki just went 13-0.

Round of 64

The second round, on Split this time, was more contested. The favourite teams had to concede several rounds before qualifying for the round of 16. Unfortunately, this round marked the end of the competition for Need More DM and Party Parrots. The former were eliminated much sooner than they expected, beaten by BBL Esports (5-13). The second, who participated in their very last tournament before disbanding, fell to ISOL-BULIL following a close match (11-13).

Round of 32

The third round took place on Haven. The team G2 Esports played their first game there as their two previous opponents simply withdrew. Although they weren’t necessarily warmed up, they had no trouble securing the victory. Let’s note, however, the fall of FABRIKEN. Like Party Parrots, this was their last tournament. They lost to TBD (6-13).

Round of 16

The fourth and final round of the day on Ascent had many surprises in store. Ninjas in Pyjamas had some disappointments against forZe, and the score remained tight throughout the game. The game went to over time where the ninjas were able to win 15-13.

But while the HyP team did eventually get away with 8th round, things got really bad on Fish123’s side. The champions of the first Mandatory Cup fell to TBDThey were able to maintain an advantage in the economy throughout the game. Fish123 lost its two pistol rounds, and they paid dearly for it. They bended on a terrible 6-13.

In the end, among the qualified for day 2, there are many relatively unknown teams from the Valorant scene. They're far from being unworthy. While anyone can lose a BO1, not all teams can win four BO1s in a row against the best players in Europe.

The rest of the tournament then promises unprecedented encounters and a lot of new blood in the final stages of an Ignition Series tournament.

Day 2 Planning

Mandatory.GG Cup: Day 2 Bracket
Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup: Day 2 Bracket

Qualified teams

Here are the 8 teams qualified for the quarter-finals which will be played on Saturday, 1st August, from 3pm.

G2 Esports
Pyth - Patitek - Ardiis - Mixwell - Davidp

Unfortunately, G2 Esports didn’t have to play the first two rounds of the tournament. Their opponents withdrew, which delayed their entry into the competition. They nevertheless won the 16th and 8th final without encountering any difficulties.

BARBARR - emilio - t3hf4rm3r - Khobra - AaroN

While we were all expecting nolpenki to qualify for the quarter-final, the Dreamchasers players came in to knock them down. While each of their games were narrowly won, they still managed to qualify where many others failed.

MOLSI - chiwawa - Duno - arch - NEEX

No one expected TBD to win against FABRIKEN, let alone against Fish123. The team clearly earned their place in quarter-finals and their opponents would be well advised to be careful.

BBL Esports
russ - AsLanM4shadoW - cNed - kero - aimDLL

BBL Esports is another team that has surprised everyone. They knocked down all their opponents without ever being worried. 13-2, 13-5, 13-4 and 13-4. These are impressive results, especially considering they floored Need More DM in their progress.

Ninjas in Pyjamas
HyP - Fearoth - Crea - LuckeRRR - rhyme

Hyp had warned us that the team was still taking its marks, but their practices were promising. They scared themselves against forZe, but ultimately managed to get the victory. They will have to be even stronger tomorrow in order to reach the final stages.

zeek - Jotka - starxo - RETO - stark

This Polish team has so far never really shone on the competitive scene. By knocking their opponents in the 16th round with a 13-1, they proved that they clearly didn’t get there by chance.

bonkar - Sayf - Yacine - ziz - Salah

Bonk and his allies are proving once again that they may no longer be Ninjas in Pyjamas, but still have the guts. The team won each game slowly but surely, and qualified for the 8th round.

Eryceu - Dext - Prosto - Piyush - Pekashi

The qualification of 9X is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of this first day. These very young Slovak players triumphed over their opponents, one after the other. Proof, if one were needed, that we’re far from having spotted all of Valorant’s talents.

We would like to thank and congratulate all the teams who participated in our tournament. It was a real honour for us to witness your matches. We hope that, despite the defeat, you enjoyed playing against the best teams of the continent.

For the 8 teams remaining, the competition resumes on Saturday, 1st August at 3pm !

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