Davidp shines for G2esports at the WePlay! Invitational

Competitions come one after another and begin to resemble each other. G2 Esports won the WePlay! Valorant Invitationalfinal this weekend. The Spanish team confirms its current dominance on the European scene with their second consecutive victory in the Ignition Series.

The team led by Mixwell didn't concede any map during the playoffs. If the Spanish prodigy wasn't unworthy during the competition, his colleagues especially stood out during the tournament. Ardiis and Patitek were imperial, confirming Mixwell's choices regarding his selection.

But the most interesting case is Davidp. If Ardiis was clearly the carry of the finale, Davidp 's consistency made him the best KDA players of the tournament. The Belgian player has proven himself to be one of the best players in Valorant and a real strength for G2 Esports. But he was the only player in the team not officially part of G2 Esports. He only has a substitute status in the team for the moment, and the 5th player position isn't officially filled.

Total results of G2 Esports during the WePlay! Invitational

If G2 Esports wasn't yet convinced that he would be a good addition to the team, we can only wonder what more they need. Maybe there are other problems preventing G2 Esports to make it official at the current time.

Be that as it may, G2 Esports doesn't seem to have anyone to worry about... yet. Remember that the European scene is only beginning to take shap. Compared to the United States, there are very few established organisations with full teams. Things could change quite quickly, since Vitality has confirmed it wants to assemble a team and it's rumoured that Fish123 is about to join TeamLiquid.