Valorant French Cup Dates

The French Cup is fast approaching. For several weeks, sixteen teams will compete to win the competition that will close the 2022 season of the French Valorant league.

This article aims to give you all the information you need to important dates related to this competition.

Eight of the participating teams are already known, but eight are still to be discovered. Among them, three will come from the Open Tour France and are still to be determined. If you think you have the level and want to try your luck, you have until 9th October to register with your team for the Open Qualifier which will take place on 15th and 16th October.

The competition will start a few days after all teams have been announced, on 27th October. It will take place over several weeks and will end on 11th December during the Occitanie Esports, in Montpellier. The tournament will be divided into several phases, the dates of which we unfortunately do not yet know.

For the moment, we only know that the final stages will take place on 10th and 11th December. You can find the dates of the different matches on our follow-up article on the tournament.

To follow all the matches, go to the VRL France Twitch channel. You will also be able to follow specifically those of Mandatory on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.