Dates of the EMEA Challengers 2023

As revealed in September, Valorant Champions Tour format changes in 2023. Among the new features implemented in the circuit is the Ascension tournament. This links the VCT with the new regional leaguesincluding the EMEA Challengers. Find all the dates of the first Split matches in this article.

The new Challengers in 2023

With the new year, a new competitive season will begin. For 2023, Riot Games has gone big. In addition to the creation of three major leagues, the studio has expanded the concept of regional leagues across the globe. In total, there will be only no less than 20 different leagues spread across the EMEA, Pacific and Americas regions.

All Challengers of the VCT 2023 - Valorant

According to the latest press release from Riot Games, the goal is clear. By implementing more leagues and the Ascension Tournament, more players will have the opportunity to shine and get noticed. Furthermore, it should allow everyone to find a team to support in their own country.

It is therefore only natural that the Italian and Portuguese Leagues circuits were created, increasing the number of circuits to a total of 9 in the EMEA region. If the CIS League were to do its big comeback in 2023, this will not be the case.

Start dates of the EMEA Challengers

Here is the current programme:

  • Challengers France. First match on 14th January,
  • Challengers Spain. First match on 8th January,
  • Challengers Eastern Europe. First match on 12th January,
  • Challengers DACH. First match on 14th January,
  • Challengers Portugal. First match on 14th January,
  • Challengers Türkiye. First match on 14th January,
  • Challengers Northern Europe. First match on 16th January,
  • Challengers Italy. First match on 21st January,
  • MENA Challengers. First match on 28th January,

The first split will take place from January to March 2023. The playoff phase should take place between the end of February and the beginning of March. The final will be played on Sunday 12th March. The second split will cover the period from April to June. The playoffs will be played between late May and early June, with a final on Sunday 11th.

Mandatory will operate in the Challengers France: Revolution. ZeratoR will show all meetings on his Twitch channel. Furthermore, if you wish to follow all the matches of the Challengers France: Revolution, go to the French League's Twitch channel.