Datamined Attachments for Valorant weapons

After the release of Valorant Patch 1.0, you would think that Riot Games has finalised the main mechanics of its FPS. And yet, if datamining is to be believed, some important new elements may be added soon: weapon attachments.

TheAttachmentsare devices that can be attached to weapons to improve their performance. The most known by shooter enthusiasts are of course the laser pointer or the zooming scope. It seems that the Valorant files hide a whole list of attachments that could really turn upside down to the in-game economy.

Among them, we find ACOG x1.5 scopes to have a better zoom when scoping, silencers to reduce the noise of weapons, high capacity magazines or even jacketed bullets to nullify the damage loss of shots through walls. Some attachments would greatly accelerate the weapon change or the reload. Others could greatly reduce the spray. The attachment that could make you worry is the extra grenade launcher. A well known attachment by Call of Duty players (called "noobtude" by the community) that get itself talked about and created a lot of frustration in its day.

In short, a whole selection of attachments which, if implemented and available for all weapons, could bring a whole new tactical dimension to Valorant, and allow you to personalise your gaming experience and specialise your Agents.

As always with datamining, these informations should be treated cautiously. These can be simple internal test files for Valorant developers. These mechanics could just as well be added tomorrow as never.