Dabin remixes Fire Again, the anthem of the Valorant Champions

If you are a fan of Valorant and interested in the competitive scene, you have all heard Fire Again, the anthem of the Valorant Champions 2022. But have you heard the remix of this music? It is Dabin, a Canadian DJ, who initiated it.

On 22nd August 2022, only a few days before the start of the Valorant Champions, Riot Games has unveiled the official song of the event: Fire Again. This new anthem quickly won the hearts of the community. Fans particularly enjoyed seeing their favourite players integrated into the clip, through some very successful animations.

GO @TenZOfficial GO!!! It’s amazing to see so many familiar faces in this video!!

kyedae - Twitter

We're going to have this on repeat ALL DAY

The Guard - Twitter

Last year, Die For You caused quite a stir, especially after its remix by DJ Zedd, which was a great success. Faced with such a craze, the FPS publisher decided to try the experiment again this year, this time in collaboration with Dabin.

In contrast to the original music, this remix offers us something quite different. slower and many less rhythmic, but it tends to stick in your head. Just like the version sung by Ashnikko, this one was very well received.

You called it remix?... I called a real masterpiece ✨

Nice Creeper - YouTube

As usual. This is amazing.

Rohan S - YouTube

As the anthem of the Valorant Champions, Fire Again will be played one last time in the Volkswagen Arena on Sunday 18th September for the Grand Final of the event. It will be performed live by Ashnikko at 4:30pm (CEST). To see it, go on the official stream.