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D.Ace releases his new video, "L'élection des méchants"

Last January, D.Ace did us the honour of composing the first seconds of the announcement trailer of our team Mandatory ! Many of you recognised him when we unveiled our video, but for those of you who don't know this French prodigy yet, we wanted to at least take the time to introduce him and his new video, "l'Élection des Méchants".

D.Ace is a French rapper who uses his passions and his love of pop-culture to express himself on the various subjects that touch him or challenge him. This is reflected in his stage name, inherited from a character in One Piece, as well as in the aesthetics of his videos and in his lyrics.

A cocktail of references that is expressed once again in his new video, "l'Élection des Méchants", directed by Franck Assiri. In it, D.Ace compares the different candidates for the next presidential election to the antagonists of different mangas. It is above all a way of talking about his uneasiness regarding this extremely important deadline for the future of the country and the pressure of having to make a choice, when none of them seems to be able to improve the future.

You can find "L'Élection des Méchants" as well as the rest of his discography on the different streaming platforms.

You can also follow him on Twitter to keep up with his news.

We hope to work with him again in the future!