Cypher will receive a buff with patch 7.09 of Valorant

With the next update of Valorant, Cypher should be an interesting new buff. While in the past it was its Neural Flight skill that found itself in the crosshairs of the developers, this time they're interested in Trigger wires. We explain all the planned changes.

Cypher was originally a popular game, but has fallen into disuse in recent years. We're keen to make it more attractive, Riot Games unveiled a number of changes last yearparticularly for his Vol Neural skill. Although he's become more enjoyable to play since then, he hasn't made a dazzling comeback on the professional scene, as evidenced at the last Valorant Champions tournament, the Agent selection rate did not even reach 10%. However, things could soon change.

Cypher's trigger wire skill.
Cypher's Trigger Wire skill

Last weekend, the changes planned for patch 7.09 were tested using the PBE. In addition Raze's nerves and major adjustments to the Judge, the developers want to bring buffs in Cypherand in particular his skill Son of relaxation. You will find the planned changes below:

  • The time taken for the stun to take effect has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds,
  • The malus itself will now be longer. The effect will last 2s, compared with 0.75s previously,
  • The trap is no longer destroyed after the stun ends or after the trapped person dies. The wire reactivates after 0.5s. It is therefore possible to stun other enemies with the same wire.

These buffs are particularly interesting, as they force players to to destroy the wire so as not to risk being stunned a second timeor for an ally to be trapped in turn. What's more, after this 7.09 patch, you'll no longer have to wait to see if an opponent tries to shoot you after hearing the sound of the trap. Since the effect is triggered twice as quicklyyou won't really have time for that...

Other changes planned for Fade and Skye are a sort of additional buff for Cypher. As a result, the lurkers and the dog will no longer be able to trigger the trigger wiresunder certain conditions. The canid will pass under the wire if it is placed halfway up. Rangers, on the other hand, will pass either above or below, depending on the positioning of the trap. Goodbye to the strategy of sending creatures to trigger and destroy the wires for you. From now on, you'll have to be more careful when you enter a site...

Note that for the moment these are only likely changesbut that nothing has yet been confirmed. As is the case after every PBE session, we'll have to wait for the patch to check what has finally been adjusted. The wait won't be very long, given that update 7.09 will normally be rolled out on the night of Tuesday 31 October.

To become your team's next carry, don't hesitate to refer to our guide to Cypher in which SoOn gives you some adviceto get a better grip on this agent. Revenge is at hand!