Comic book style cards in the Crossing event pass

The release of Act 1 of Episode 5 is imminent, as patch 5.00 will be rolled out overnight. In addition to enjoying the new map, Pearl,, players will have the opportunity to purchase beautiful comic book designed player cards for free Event Pass: Crossover.

A new Episode means new content! As soon as the first Act of Dimension is released, the community will be able to enjoy a new map,a new battle pass, a new collection: Prelude to chaos, but also a totally free event pass. This is not the first time that Riot Games has organised this type of event, as the studio had previously offered a lunar new year pass.

Similar to the Battle Pass, all players will be able to attempt to accumulate enough points to collect rewards. This pass, called Crossover, will be available from 22nd June to 12th July.

The pass will earn 20 radianite points and the two titles Dimensional and Double Agent. However, the player cards are the focus of this temporary event. As Riot Games states on the Valorant website, these comic book designed cards were "illustrated by the best in the industry."

Three banner and cards sets will be up for grab:

  • Legion, which features several Valorant agents,
  • Fratricidal fire, which focuses on Killjoy and Raze,
  • Omen, which focuses on... Omen!
Crossing: Legion card
Crossing: Fratricide card
Crossing: Omen card

Log in tomorrow and start collecting experience points. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss out on these great free cards?