Clove, the next Valorant agent

For the past few weeks, Riot Games has been giving clues about Agent 25 of Valorant. Following the last patch, on 8.04A new email has appeared in Brimstone's office, revealing the idea behind the new recruit to the Valorant Protocol. The next Agent is called Cloveaccording to the German version of FPS.

In the training ground, it's not uncommon to find information about future Agents or new Valorant maps, particularly through vocals and emails to Brimstone. The latest email from Deadlock mentions the new recruit - most likely Agent 25 - but gives no further information about his identity.

Email Clove - French version - Valorant
The French version uses the pronoun iel
Email Clove - English version - Valorant
The English version uses the pronoun they

However the use of the pronoun "iel to refer to this character, which could reveal that the individual is non-gendered, a first in Valorant if that's the case. Incidentally, in the English version, Deadlock uses the pronoun "theyAll of which lends credence to this hypothesis.

The same is true when you look at this email in other languages, but not in the German version. And with good reason: if there are no pronouns in the German text, it's simply because there's a noun! It reads "Omen has delivered Clove, as promised".. Whether this was a mistake or a deliberate oversight, no one knows... in the meantime, it would appear that Agent 25 has been christened Clove.

Email Clove - German version - Valorant
The German version talks about Clove

It wouldn't be the first time that Riot Games has provided information unintentionally, or at least without communicating it directly. We recall, for example, that upstream of the Iso revealthe studio had pre-published a miniature on YouTube revealing the Agent's identity. More recently, we discovered the name of Valorant's new sniper thanks to an image description... We've checked, and there's no such leak in the posts about Agent 25. What a shame!

Teasing of Valorant's Agent 25 on Sunset
Riot Games teases Agent 25 on Sunset

While we wait for the full presentation of the new recruit at the Final of the Madrid MastersRiot continues to place hints here and there, particularly on Breeze and Sunset. Could it be that Agent 25 can navigate between two universes as Astra does? Is there a link between Earth Omega and Earth Alpha? Suspense...

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