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Cloud9 recruits leaf as fourth player

Cloud9 has just announced the signing of a fourth player for its team Cloud9 Blue: Leaf.

In this transfer window, Cloud9 is more embarassed that some of the other teams. After showing excellent results in the first week of the Valorant First Strike NA, the team ultimately failed to qualify for the main event. It has since lost its Korean team and two excellent players, Shinobi and TenZ. In the case of TenZ, the American scene agrees that he's one of the best players in the world.

Nathan " leaf " Orf therefore has great pressure on him, especially for such a yound player. Only 17 years old, he has little competitive experience, despite an encouraging start at Chaos Esports Club on the Counter-Strike scene. He had only participated in two tournaments before joining Cloud9.

Still, it seems like a well-thought-out move on both sides, as leaf has served as Cloud9's backup in various minor tournaments over the past month. The results are not very encouraging, however, with the team winning only two of the eight games played.

A worrying situation for Cloud9, five days away the launch of the Valorant First Strike in North America. Especially since they're still missing a fifth player. So far, it was Xeta, former Cloud9 Korea player who replaced TenZ, but his position is yet to be confirmed.