Chromas for Elderflame skins

A few days ago, Riot Games presented its first Ultra weapons skins: Elderflame skins . These higher quality skins get their own 3D models, animations and unique visual and sound effects, but that's not all! These skins would have different colours, as we can see by datamining Valorant.

Each Elderflame weapon then exists with 4 different dragons colours: blue, dark blue, red and black.

Les Chromas des skins Elderflame
Elderflame skins Chromas – Source: ValorantLeaks

We also had a chance to see them in action. The skins can evolve, since we see that the knife can be ignited or not. We can imagine that the weapons can be set on fire thanks to Radianite Points. The alternate colors are to be unlocked at the highest level of the weapons.

As a reminded, each Elderflame skin will cost 2475 VP, or around €25 per weapon.