Changes to Pearl with Valorant patch 6.11

After tackling Split and then modifying Bind, Riot Games is preparing to make a few changes to another map. This time, Pearl will be looked at closely by the team in charge of Valorant. Don't expect any major upheavals or the appearance of a teleporter - these are minor adjustments. They may seem minor, but they could well force players to rethink their strategies for attacking and defending Site B!

Pearl, added in June 2022, is the eighth map in Valorant. With its unique dome, it's also the first to take players on a journey to the depths of the oceans. Shortly after its appearance in the game, Riot Games set to work on a new map to collect opinions about it, in addition to asking for the community's opinion on other points. Two months later, the studio presented a reworked version of Pearl with patch 5.06. The idea behind these changes was none other than to simplify the map, which contained even more nooks and crannies than it does today.

At the time, the entire map was affected by the corrections, the new wave of changes planned with patch 6.11 only concerns site B. These stretch from the Ramp to the Hall area, via the Pillar at the centre of the site.

  • Changes of the of the Ramp B zone

In order to enter Pearl's Site B, the Attackers could previously either enter via the middle corridor or via the ramp. While this second solution wasn't much simpler, it was much more comfortable when attempting a team push. The attackers took advantage of the scenery to hide and hold the long line on Site B. From the next update onwards, things get more complex, as the zone is completely reworked. The first obvious change is, of course the three-screen platform changes shape and size.

Pearl Change - B Ramp - Front - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - B Ramp - After - Patch 6.11

The fact that the sloping part disappears, to let room for a 'stair' will not help the Attackers' cause. From now on, it will be impossible to move freely on this section - which was still very advantageous for keeping an eye on defenders - or even to easily adjust your position on the Z axis to protect yourself from opposing shots. It will become necessary to learn to play with the corners of this new block to bring down defenders. What's more, since the element is now smaller - the part on the entrance side has been slightly truncated - the Defence should be able to more easily hit and spot an opponent advancing into the zone.

The other change in this zone is removing the corner the wall of the building having been moved forward several metres. Attackers thus lose a useful means of protecting themselves from a Defence push. This makes attacks on B even more complex.

  • Changes of the B screen

Admittedly, it was not uncommon to find a Jett and Chamber on screen B, or other Agents able to teleport there, but this screen was more a means of protection than an area to attack attackers. That may soon change, given the changes that have been made.

What's important to note here is that the screen is lower, but also wider. This creates a real bottleneck for the site. What's more, the top of the screen is much easier to access, since a staircase has been added just behind it, using several blocks. All the Agents will be able to position themselves there if necessary. The fact that this height can easily be guarded by someone will make access to the site even more difficult.

Pearl change - Screen B - Front - Patch 6.11
Change Pearl - Screen B - After - Patch 6.11
  • Change B Hall

The whole point of Site B was that the snipers could take colossal lines. However, on the Defence side, the only really reliable angle was at the inner corner of the Hall, while the Attackers benefited from several possible lines thanks to the sloping platform. Now that this has disappeared, we might have expected the developers to judge the two sides to be sufficiently equitable, but this is not the case. Instead, they chose to offer a practical new hiding place to the defenders, by means of a new wall. In addition to the protection it provides, it offers another way of holding the line of sight on the Ramp and could even allow two players to hold a crossed line for even greater effectiveness.

Pearl Change - Hall B - Avant - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - Hall B - After - Patch 6.11
  • Change of B Pillar Tower

While it was already possible to hide behind the pillar on site, its thinness left little room for movement. Those days will soon be over, knowing that the post will be thicker after the next patch. It's also worth noting that the platform at the top of the pillar will be wider, offering a little more range of movement. It remains to be seen how much of an impact this will have in-game.

Pearl Change - B Pillar - Front - Patch 6.11
Pearl Change - B Pillar - After - Patch 6.11

As a reminder, all these adjustments will only be available from patch 6.11, i.e. on 6th June, if the current schedule does not change. According to the reddit dedicated to the next PBE, the developers will also be taking advantage of this update to add a buff to Chamber and revise the features of the shorty and Frenzy.