You will soon have to pay to change your Riot ID

Riot Games has just announced changes to the its Riot ID management. While there are few that directly involve Valorant players, there is one of note: changing your Riot ID more than once a year will soon be the norm. paying.

Yesterday, Riot Games announced a major change for League of Legends players. summoner names will disappear in favour of Riot IDs. This means that all League of Legends players will have their nickname changed to something similar to their Riot ID. You'd think this wouldn't really affect Valorant, but it does.

Alongside this change, Riot Games is also changing the way you can change your Riot ID. Until now, you could change your Riot ID for free every 30 days. From now on, the free option will only let you change it only once a year !

Players wishing to switch in a shorter timeframe will have to pay around 10$ in in-game currency. Players with Valorant will therefore have to pay approximately 10$ of Valorant Points to do so. Riot Games points out that it is " not technically and commercially feasible to allow players to change their name free of charge every 30 days".

The advantage is that you can change it more regularly! But you'll have to pay for it.

These changes will take place 20 November 2023. On that date, all players will benefit from a free Riot ID change.

If you want to change your Riot ID, we have a complete guide on the process.

Why is Riot making this change?

To understand the reasons for such a change, we'll need to take a look at the history of video games:

When League of Legends was launched in 2009, the teams at Riot Games opted to create a separate client to manage player information and matchmaking: At the time, the client was directly linked to the history of League of Legends, as it was an interface for the "Summoners (League of Legends players), allowing them to summon their champions to battle on the famous "Summoner's Rift" (the game's main map). To create an account and play League of Legends, you had to choose a summoner name which was used both as a client login and as a pseudonym.

There will soon be a charge to change your Riot ID - mandatory news valorant changement riot id payant 2 -

Things have changed since then. Riot Games has rewritten the fundamentals of the League of Legends story by removing the summoner concept, without removing the summoner names. More importantly, Riot Games started releasing games other than League of Legends. It was therefore necessary to develop a new in-house customer to link a single Riot Games account to all the company's games.

However, using a summoner name, a relic from 2009, posed a number of problems. Names like 'JeJoueJungle' or 'Teemo4Ever' no longer make much sense to League of Legends players looking to get started on Valorant. And a player who's only interested in Valorant and has never played League of Legends simply won't understand why they're being asked for a summoner name. And so the Riot Client and Riot IDs were born.

Since 2019, summoner names and Riot IDs have coexisted on Riot Games games, but the transition period is now over. That's why Riot Games wants to get rid of this concept once and for all. As a result, League of Legends players will see their summoner name change to match their Riot ID.