Changes at Gen.G Esports

Gen.G Esports puts MkaeL in touch and praise Temperature to Evil Geniuses. The latter includes Boostio in its active roster.

With two weeks to go before the start of the Last Chance QualifiersThe structures are looking to do their utmost to win a place at the Valorant Champions. A few days ago Nivera integrated Team Liquid. The structure 100Thieves has also made some recent changes to its roster. Now it's Gen.G Esports' turn to make its announcements. It has made official the sidelining of Michael " MkaeL "De Luca. The player is replaced by Nolan " Temperature "Pepper, rented from Evil Geniuses.

Gen.G is among the good North American teams and has placed itself 8th in the VCT NA ranking, to ex-aequo with Rise and Cloud9 Blue. The structure will therefore participate in the Last Chance Qualifier NA. In an attempt to strengthen its team, it has called on Temperaturea player belonging to Evil Genuises. This choice is interesting and relevant.

Temperature started performing with Moon Raccoons. During this period he specialised as a Controller thanks to Omen. When he moved to Evil Geniuses, he expanded his range of agents and diversified. Today he is able to play the role ofInitiator with Breach and Sova than that of Sentinel with Cypher, Killjoy or Sage.

Its versatility makes it a real asset for the Gen.G. roster. Indeed, following the departure of MkaeL, only gMd remained fit to play OmenWhile being the only Phoenix player in the team. Temperature will be able to take over Omen when needed. Also, in the Gen.G roster, it is Koosta who hand Sova, Killjoy and Cypher. Again, Temperature could easily get one of his roles back in some compositions.

So it was a great opportunity for Gen.G to rent this player. Player rental" is not a new thing in the Valorant scene. A little before the Masters 2, Sentinels had rented TenZ to Cloud9, before buy definitely. If there are no restrictions on this practice, we will undoubtedly see more rented players in the future.

By loaning a player, Evil Genuises needed a 5th member to continue the competitions.
The team turned to Kelden". Boostio "Pupello, former player for Spacestation Gaming. He was previously in trial period in the structure and was integrated into the active roster. Boostio has also shown all his talent during the last few games played by the team. This was during the Knights Monthly Gauntlet: September. The team has since been eliminated from the tournament.

The next two weeks will certainly be eventful, and may bring further changes to the teams that qualify for the various LCQs.