Chamber will be nerfed in patch 4.09

In the last patch, several Agent skills were nerfed, including Jett's dash. In the upcoming 4.09Patch, Chamber will be the one targeted by developers.

Since his release last November, Chamber has been growing steadily. The Sentinel has been particularly well integrated into amateur and professional teams. In our analysis of the Reykjavik Masters meta, we noted that he had become the 4th most selected agent in the pros, with a pick rate reaching 44%.

Graph of Agents' pick rates at the Reykjavik Masters and Valorant Champions.

This increase in interest, and his almost systematic presence in the selections, has raised a question among the community: should the French be nerfed? The players are not the only ones to have considered this issue.

Recently, Jeff Landa, Communication Mmanager on Valorant, invited players with access to the PBE, a test server, to come and test potential Chamber nerfs. As a reminder, it is his ability Trademark which is in the studio's sights. Deemed too impactful in games, this ability has been modified on several levels: the number of charges, the sound level of the tool and the cost of the spell.

Chamber: Trademark capacity.

After the test phase, no announcement was made about these fixes, nor about the planned deployment date, even though patch 4.09 seemed to be in the pipeline. However, confirmation has been received during a Q&A session held last night on Reddit.

A user asked the following question "This might seem like a loaded question, but after the community's response, does the plan to nerf Chamber still involve taking away one of his trips?". It is Dan Hardison, Game Designer of Valorant, who responded positively to this request, indicating that this change was still planned for patch 4.09 :

Yes, the plan is still to remove one of the traps for 4.09. We'll still be monitoring how he performs on Defense to make sure he's still a powerful defensive agent, and will adjust if necessary in the future. We believe there are many ways sentinels can control and defend space, whether it is through the use of reactive slow abilities like Sage, flank watching gadgets like Cypher or defensively oriented movement abilities and weapons like Chamber. We specifically wanted to keep the unique parts of Chamber strong (as the high-tech weapons-guy, he's probably supposed to be uniquely powerful with his Headhunter and Tour De Force) while sharpening Chamber's weaknesses compared to the other trap-oriented Sentinels.

Dan Hardison - Game Designer - Via Reddit

While the number of gadgets will probably be reduced in the next patch, the developers did not give any further details on either the audio of Trademark or the price increase envisaged. However, it is possible that these adjustments will also be integrated into the changes made to the Agent.

According to the usual patch schedule, 4.09 should be available on the night of Tuesday 10th May.