Chamber could soon be nerfed

After the changes made to Jett, Sova and Neon in patch 4.08, it could be the turn of Chamber to get some nerfs, in a future Valorant update.

Chamber has won over the players

The French Sentinel, Chamber, joined the Valorant Agents selection in November last year. Although he was not available during the Valorant Champions, he has been making his way into the hearts of the pro players ever since. During the Reykjavik Masters 2022, he was the fourth most selected agent by the teams, with a pick rate close to 44%.

He is also a character that is appreciated by players in general. If we look at ranked matches from the last 7 days, in the case of Chamber, we see that he was present in almost every second game, with his pick rate reaching 49.5%. This percentage remains similar in games at Immortal rank (41.9%), but decreases at Radiant rank (25.4%). However, Chamber remains the second most selected agent at this level of play.

When an agent starts to be noticed and tends to become essential in the compositions of professional teams, as was the case with Jett, changes are often to be expected.

A future trademark nerf?

However, Jeff Landa, Valorant Communication Manager recently posted a Tweet mentioning potential changes. In this Tweet, he invited all players with access to the PBE, the game's test server, to come test the changes to the Trademark capacity.

According to him, the competence could be reworked on several points:

  • The number of charges would be reduced to 1 instead of 2.
  • The cost of the tool would increase from 150 to 200 credits.
  • The device would make more noise when it is set down.

To find out more about this and other Agent skills, go to our dedicated guide to Chamber.

These proposed changes are related to the fact that the studio considers Trademarked as too efficient compared to the abilities of other Sentinels. Chamber has been designed more around site mobility and maintaining angles. The Mark Deposited skill therefore gives this Sentry the ability to collect information about flanks and rotations in particular; an ability that is considered too strong at the moment.

Opinions differ

Those who had the opportunity to access this short test phase could then report their feelings on the dedicated Reddit page. Opinions differ, to say the least:

I've noticed a lot of people disliking the Trademark changes, and while I understand their concerns, I think reducing the count from 2 -> 1 is actually a good change.

Rabger_ via Reddit

I think removing trap from his kit makes him way less sentinel then he needs to be. What if instead of a straight nerf we could rebalance his economy by reducing price on his sheriff bullets to 75 and trademark price will be 200, it does not changes his buy on pistol rounds but can be more of a difference later, usually if chamber needs he can easily refuse the buy of bullets because they are too expensive on some rounds. Although I think making his traps louder is a good change and needs to stay

RileyCorner via Reddit

With the mention of these changes, other players are questioning themselves in the comments of the publication and positioning themselves on what could be better for the Agent or what they expect from a possible nerf. This is notably the case for Fearoth, former Alliance player :

Is it a sentry or a duelist then? Give it 2 Marks dropped with increased audio volume and decreased slowdown time. Decrease Tour De Force's rate of fire. Decrease the speed of the Headhunter's weapon change; currently you can fire both Tour De Force and the Headhunter almost simultaneously.

Fearoth - Professional player

At the moment, no official announcement has been made about these changes to Chamber. If they are convincing and Riot Games deems them relevant, the Trademark nerfs could perhaps come into effect as early as patch 4.09. So let's hope so...!