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Bungie and Riot Games team up against cheaters

Cheaters are a real bane to any online multiplayer game. Riot Games said rom the start that it will absolutely not be tolerated on Valorant, and they're proving it today. Riot Games teamed up with Bungie (Destiny 2 developers) to file a lawsuit against the makers of cheat software.

The website Polygon is relaying the complaint. It's targeting a certain Cameron Santos and his group GatorCheats. GatorCheats sells software to unscrupulous players that can cheat on different DPS, including Valorant and Destiny 2. Among the options offered, we find an aim-bot and a wall-hack. Prices range from $90 per month to $500 $500 for a lifetime license.

At first, Bungie sent a formal notice to GatorCheats. The group feigned shutting down publicly, eventually selling their software through more private channels. This is why Bungie decided to go through with it, after being joined by Riot Games.

According to the complaint filed, GatorCheats would have made several hundred thousand dollars while causing damages amounting to several millions for the various publishers. They therefore expect the judge to immediately shut down GatorCheats operations. A procedure that has been successful in the past for different companies such as Nintendo or Activision.

The complaint comes as Valorant suffered a big wave of cheating at the end of 2020. Many players of all skills levels have noted an increase in suspicious, or clearly malicious behaviours on Valorant during the holidays.

As a reminded, although Riot Games has many tools to automatically identify cheaters, each sanction is reviewed manually by a member of the Riot Games' staff. The end of the year holidays may have slowed down these efforts.

Cheating in a competitive online game is never without consequences. The slightest cheat calls the integrity of the game into question and can undermine the confidence of the players. Leave cheats on your game, and legitimate players will lose interest. They will leave your game, lose interest in it, and no longer buy your skins. Even worse, cheating can prevent business partnerships in hosting high rewards tournaments. It's an evil that must be tackled at the root.

This is why Riot Games isn't ready to stop its hunt. Riot Games employees tasked with preventing cheating go so far as to infiltrate Discords or old IRC channels to find the markers and vendors of the various software.

We will now have to see if the complaint will be enough to calm the cheaters, at least for a while.