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Bugs: Walls are thin in Patch 1.0

The Patch 1.0, fixed many issues and bugs, but added a few. Some of them create quite strange situations and can be used to maximise your chances of winning.

Let's see some of them, found on Reddit.

Sensitive hands through walls

For some reason, shots to a character's hands are vulnerable, even through walls. This is probably a problem with hitscan, the virtual line drawn with each shot that determines the trajectory of a bullet. If a hand is in the path of the hitscan, the opposing player will take damage, even if they're behind an armoured wall.

In fact, this bug can hardly be used to kill someone... but it's still possible. It's a more curious than disturbing bug.

Omen can see through walls

Since Patch 1.0, Omen's abilities have been changed to make them easier to use. Using Dark Cover, Omen players can now see through the walls to more easily adjust the placement of their smoke. Usually, all players disappear visually when the ability is used, so as not to make it a wallhack.

Problem is, there's a delay of a few frames between the animation of the launch of the ability and the disappearance of the players. By spamming the R key and using Dark Cover, it becomes fairly easy to clearly see opponents through walls, even from a long distance.

This is a very useful bug that we hope will be resolved very quickly, as it gives Omen players a real advantage.

Sova's drone hides in walls

We stay in the theme "Valorant walls", but this time with Sova's Owl Drone. This bug is specific to Split which allows our favourite archer to deploy his drone outside the limits of the game. The drone then becomes free to roam and inspect through the walls.

Using this bug requires the help of a Sage and good timing of use. It's useful, but so complicated to set up that it's difficult to see its practical usefulness. That said, it remains a bug that can benefit the players who will use it.

These are just a few examples of potentially annoying bugs that can be found on Valorant at the moment. Hopefully, this kind of hassle will be fixed once ranked games become available.