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Bug: Sage can clone her teammates

The Valorant bugs are becoming increasingly rare. As development progresses, there are fewer and fewer errors to be found that interfere with or distort the gaming experience. Today, it's a fun bug that has been discovered: Sage can clone her teammates.

The Youtuber Eku discovered the bug by chance with a friend. They decided to push it as much as possible to see how far they could take it.

This bug isn't particularly disturbing since it can only be used in custom games, with cheats enabled. It appears when Sage revives a player while the immediate respawn on death is enabled in the options. Upon dying, the target respawns in a new body, but Sage's resurrection puts the player back in control of their old body. The new body that has been created then remains in place, still and motionless.

As a consequence of this bug, we discover that it allows Killjoy to land a new Turret without the previous one disappearing. The relatively harmless turret on its own becomes a devastating machine with all of its new friends.

The bug can never be used in a classic game, so it shouldn't bother you. We imagine, however, that Riot Games will seek to resolve it fairly quickly.