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Bug: Opponents visible through Omen's smoke

The patch 1.04 brought with it a new bug. This was spotted very early, but some of its properties are still being discovered today. Even though we thought that it only allowed to see through Ascent switches, it seems to be possible to reproduce it fairly easily, on any other map.

Concretely, the bug works as follows: when an opponent is behind an object or a highlighted unit, we can guess their silhouette through it.

This was already happening with the switches of the iron curtains in Ascent, but the problem becomes even more serious with Omen. When Omen is about to teleport, he himself becomes highlighted in his team colour. By properly lining up Omen and one of his teammates, it's possible to use Omen's body as a lens revealing opponents.

This technique doesn't work through solid walls of the map, but it does work through smoke bombs and other devices. Since Omen is able to set up his smoke bombs himself, it becomes very easy to create situations where this bug can be exploited, whatever the map.

Reddit user /u/randomperson134 shared his discovery. Since then, it has naturally spread throughout the Valorant community. We would like to see the problem solved as quickly as possible before players start abusing it.

Oh and Crea^, of course you're not allowed to use this glitch during the Mandatory Cup. 🙂