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Bug – Killjoy temporarily disabled... again.

Due to a new bug, Riot Games has decided to disable Killjoy temporarily. She would be able to place her turrets under the map... again.

By positioning yourself in the right place and with the right angle, it therefore seems possible to make Killjoy's Turret fall under Haven and to protect two sites in this way. Once underground, the turrets can easily fire at their opponents without any risk of being spotted, let alone be destroyed.

This is not the first time this has happened. A similar bug was discovered on Split, shortly after Killjoy was released. Another had appeared when Icebox was released. We have to believe that we are doomed to see this problem reappear from time to time and that it will have to be fixed on a case-by-case basis.

It remains a problem all the same however. Only 48 hours from Valorant First Strike, this could be detrimental to the teams whose strategy revolves around Killjoy. We imagine that the developers at Riot Games are on it and will do everything to fix this problem before the launch of the final competitions.

This is where tournament servers would be particularly useful. They would allow teams to play, despite the presence of the bugs, without having to disable Killjoy. It would then be up to the referees to make sure that the teams don't exploit it. And honestly... which team would take the risk of placing a turret under a map in the middle of an official competition? Guild Esports' team used a bug, also related to Killjoy, and it likely cost them the qualification for the European First Strike. But in this case, it wasn't clear whether this was a bug or not, while placing a turret under the map leaves no doubt.

We already know that the tournament servers are on the way, but also that Riot already has a kind of custom environment on live servers. However, teams can no longer train with the Agent at this time, days away from the biggest Valorant competition to date.