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Bug: Killjoy's Turret fires through the walls of Split

Two weeks after her release, Valorant players are discovering more and more bugs on Killjoy. They're getting way too serious and completely prevent you from playing on certain maps. Riot confirms that fixes will arrive in Patch 1.06, especially for the bug allowing the Turret to shoot through walls.

Everything seemed to be working fine after the Agent was released though. Raze was the one with much more obvious problems. But little by little, Killjoy's case became more problematic than any Agent before her.

Among Killjoy's bugs, some are light. We think in particular of the fact that Killjoy can see the traps of an enemy Killjoy. It's also possible to see the location of enemy Killjoy gadgets on the mini-map by disconnecting and reconnecting during a game.

The gadgets of the enemy Killjoy are displayed on the mini-map.
The gadgets of the enemy Killjoy are displayed on the mini-map.

But the really damaging bug is the ability to place equipment through walls. This is already a problem with some Nanoswarm placements, but it's nothing compared to the Turret placement. The most serious example is the case where Turret is placed through a wall on Split. From there, the Turret is able to shoot at all players who cross Mid or near site B. It's impossible for opponents to see or destroy it, unless they use a Sova's arrow. You can only use a smoke to prevent it from spotting you.

Killjoy's Turret placement

This bug has been identified and should be fixed in the next patch. Riot Games are giving themselves a break week, the patch is expected for this weekend.

Message from Rycou confirming that the fix is coming in the next patch.

Killjoy was banned during the different tournaments of the the Ignition Series. Maybe she should be disabled in competitive mode – she or Split – while waiting for the problem to be solved.