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Bug: Ascent doors allow Wallhack

A new patchA new bug. Nothing seemed to indicate any changes to Ascent and the operation of its iron curtains. However, it seems that by manipulating the doors, it is possible to have a wallhack.

The wallhack is the ability to see the position of different elements through the walls. It was originally a term relating to cheating software. However, many first person shooters have started adding temporary wallhack to its characters, as an ability. Cypher does, thanks to his ultimate.

Reddit user russmankiwi discovered this bug. When the player is close enough to trigger the lever, the lever is highlighted. The problem is, the silhouette of the opponents directly behind the switch appears in the highlight.

This bug doesn't seem as bad as the one that allows Reyna to plant the Spike under Haven's ground. Still, it's giving players a little too important information on the right side of the door. Riot will have to react, and quickly! If the issue turns out to be complex, we imagine that Ascent will disappear for a while from the competitive maps rotation.