Buffs for Viper in patch 1.02

After a patch 1.01 which brought little concrete change, we look forward to the next one. It must be said that patch 1.02 should mark the return of ranked games, accompanied by some changes. But that's not all, there should also be some serious buffs for Viper.

It was during a stream that Riot Morello talked about the poisoner. Viper is struggling to find her place in both casual and competitive, which is why Riot is working to give her more impact.

TheToxic Screen of Viper should therefore have a significant change. It would therefore be able to pass through the walls of a map. This should make her Screen much more useful and formidable. It will be difficult to get around it or pretend it doesn't exist.

Viper should also benefit from a buff on her Snake Bite. The poisoned puddle should apply an effect " Vulnerable to players affected.

However, some questions remain. Does the " Vulnerable " effect persist after the opponent gets out of the puddle? How does Toxic Screen react to the topography of the ground and the corridors on several floors?

We'll have to wait for this patch 1.02 before getting our answers. The latter should come out this week, in all likelihood.