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Buffs for Brimstone in Patch 1.15

As often, it's on Reddit that we learn a little more about Riot's upcoming plans. Several players are concerned about the state of Brimstone. But the developers came to reassure them. Brimstone should receive buffs soon.

For several months now, Brimstone's popularity has stalled. Most players prefer Omen or Breach, which are more versatile and efficient. However, Riot Games had already promised buffs for Brimstone several months ago.

Reddit users then wonder if it might not be necessary to improve his smoke bombs. Among the solutions offered, abzoluut, a redditor, offers to allow Brimstone to prepare his smoke bombs during the buy phase so that they go off at the start of the game. Increasing the range or the speed of deployment is also mentioned.

Wonders on Reddit were an opportunity for Riot Altombre, in charge of balancing Valorant, to announce that the changes would arrive very soon.

We imagine that Brimstone will finally receive his changes in the next patch. With the end of the year holidays coming to an end, the next patch should be just around the corner, and with it, the launch of the Episode 2.