Breeze returns to Valorant with changes

Between the end of 2022 and the few months that have already passed in 2023, Riot Games has revised several of Valorant's maps, Split and Bind in particular. Today, the studio unveils changes to Breezemap that has since been removed from the map pool patch 6.00. We invite you to discover this transformation in pictures.

Palm trees, sandy beaches, a beached container ship and the sea as far as the eye can see... that's what Breeze was offering us. when it appeared in Valorant in April 2021. This map invites you to put down your suitcases and enjoy the sun and a moment of relaxation, but it's a real battlefield!

While some maps, notably Ascent, have never been modified since their introduction in the FPS, Breeze has unveiled a second new version in images. And indeed, This is not the first time the heavenly map has been given a facelift. The designers took advantage of patch 4.00 to add some changesThe entire map has been redesigned, including the Mid Zone, site A and the surrounding area, and site B. In short, the entire map has been revised. Once again, the various parts of Breeze are being remodelled, sometimes quite extensively.

Changes to the Breeze A site

On Site A In itself, there don't seem to be any notable changes. The only apparent change that has been communicated on the networks is that the addition of two decorative elements, a prawn and a crab.

On the face of it, it's a fairly minor change. Nevertheless, communication is a central element in Valorant games. And while it's easier to locate an opponent behind one of these pyramidsThis makes it all the easier to eliminate them, or at least hinder their progress. So it's a very welcome addition!

Site A - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Site A - Breeze - Before
Site A - Breeze - After - Valorant
Site A - Breeze - After

On the other hand, the cellar at site A has been completely overhauled. Say goodbye to the shop's winding corridor, and make way for a new open area lined with checkouts. It would also appear that the back part of the cave - the part that often hid snipers - has been sealed off.

Until now, entering Site A from the cellar could be difficult to defend, especially if enemies were advancing from the Shop and the rear at the same time. A change like this will undoubtedly shake up the way in which Site A is attacked, and it's highly likely that we'll see more close combat in this new zone.

Cave - Site A - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Cellar - Site A - Breeze - Avant
Cave - Site A - Breeze - After - Valorant
Cellar - Site A - Breeze - After
Shop - Site A - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Shop - Site A - Breeze - Avant
Shop - Site A - Breeze - After - Valorant
Shop - Site A - Breeze - After

Another major change has been made to the A site, and not all players seem to be convinced by it, judging by the following points responses posted under the communication on X. We are talking about total obstruction of the Hall. The long corridor that allowed the attackers to put pressure on the defence, and vice versa, is no more. Please note that by obstruction we mean that it is no longer possible to cross this corridor, but you can always spot an enemy lurking around the cornerAccess is only through gates.

Hall A - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Hall A - Avant
Hall A - Breeze - After - Valorant
Hall A - After

As with the changes to the Cellar, it is clear that this other restriction will require us to think about new strategies for investing in site A. We can imagine that the defenders will still be able to use this space to glean information and hide, but it seems more difficult for the attackers.

Changes to the B de Breeze site

Site B is not to be outdone. During the last remodelling of the Breeze map, the designers added a new wall at the rear of the site to hide the view a little and, in fineThis will give the attackers a better chance of getting into the site.

Once again, this area found itself in the studio's crosshairs. Although the low wall has not disappeared completely, it has been reduced in size. In addition, a new block appears next to it. This change makes us think of a kind of partial step backwards. Defenders should be able to hold the line of sight on the door more easily, but at their peril.

Back site B - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Back - Site B - Before
Back site B - Breeze - After - Valorant
Back - Site B - After

Although the Defenders should gain in visibility from the rear zone of Site B, defending the site won't necessarily be that much easier. Riot has made another game-changing change to the zone. The staircase has simply disappeared, and has been filled in with bricks.. There are also new crates, which can still be used to access the site. This area is now more dedicated to long-distance battles.

site B - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Site B - Before
site B - Breeze - After - Valorant
Site B - After

Other changes to Breeze

In the past, the central area of Breeze has received only minor changes. This time, however, the designers are completely overhauling the architecture of this space. From now on, it will no longer be possible to walk around the pillar, as the left-hand side (see photo) is no longer open. In fact, the space that was located there hasn't disappeared, it's simply on the other side of the new wall. Attackers will still be able to access it, via the few boxes that have been added to form a staircase.

Only time will tell if we were right, but we can already imagine the Defenders taking advantage of this part of the map to move forward and put pressure on the Attackers.

Mid Pillar - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Zone Mid Pillar - Breeze - Avant
Mid Pillar - Breeze - After - Valorant
Zone Mid Pillar - Breeze - After

We could have mentioned this other modification in the previous paragraph, but it's much easier to see with the following two photos. The angle of the stack of boxes is no longer the same. It may not seem important, but it changes the way you approach the double gate. Remember how the slight rotation of the yellow container on Icebox altered the approach to site B?

Mid Pillar - 02 - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Zone Mid Pillar - Breeze - Avant
Mid Pillar - 02 - Breeze - After - Valorant
Zone Mid Pillar - Breeze - After

Before we close this article, we obviously need to tell you about one last change. Up until now, the double wooden door was a critical point in the grip of site A, and with the changes it has undergone... it remains just as critical! The diagonally half-open door is no more, now a door is fully open. What's more, the designers have chosen to add an extra obstacle in the form of wooden crates.

Double Door - Breeze - Before - Valorant
Zone Double Door - Breeze - Avant
Double Door - Breeze - After - Valorant
Zone Double Door - Breeze - After

We don't know exactly when these changes will be available in-game, but Riot Games has said that the new version of Breeze will be accessible from from the start of Act 2 of Episode 7. So it shouldn't be too much longer!

The studio has also indicated that Breeze will return at the same time as the release of Fracture and Pearl. As usual, we imagine that these cards will be reworked before making their reappearance in Valorant. At least, Fracture, as Pearl has already undergone some changes recently.

This information provides us with an important piece of information. In 2022, Riot explained that it wanted to always keep 7 cards in the map pool. However, a simple calculation reveals that with the withdrawal of two maps and the return of a single map, the count is not right. It would appear that a new terrain will be introduced very soon. As we wrote in our article about the possible new map in Los AngelesFurther details are expected to be revealed at the Valorant Champions Final on 26 August.