Boostio leaves Evil Geniuses for 100 Thieves

Boostiocurrent World champion was probably prisoner of Evil Geniuseshis former structure. After months of battling with EG, 100 Thieves has finally succeeded in breaking its chains. The company announced its acquisition with a shock trailer!

In 2023, Evil Geniuses experienced a complicated start to the season. The team struggled to qualify for the American League play-offs, after a crushing defeat at the Lock In Brazil. All the more reason for fans to be concerned... Nonetheless, Boostio and his comrades have come back from the brinkdemonstrating their expertise in of the Tokyo Mastersbefore winning the final of the Valorant Champions with flying colours.

Shortly after their victory, rumours began to circulate on social networks. Despite the fact that they had just won the most prestigious tournament on the circuit, the players have reportedly been given an ultimatum to take a drastic pay cutIf they wanted to remain in the team in 2024.

And even if it seems that they had been allowed to look for new opportunities, it appears that that Evil Geniuses has made the task complex. According to information published by Richard Lewis, the group is said to have turned down several offers to buy out contracts, including some from 100 Thieves, which wanted to acquire Boostio. Those days are over. More recently, NRG has acquired Demon1 and Ethan and today we learn that Boostio joins the ranks of 100 Thieves next year.

In the trailer announcing the game, the company and the player made a point of saying a nod to the tough negotiations of recent months. It clearly shows Boostio locked in a cell and a member of 100 Thieves coming to free him. The ex-Evil Geniuses even expresses his dissatisfaction in blunt terms.

Together, Boostio, Asuna, Cryocells, Bang and eeiu will be vying for a place in the first Masters of the year, at the Kick Off Tournament in February. As for jawgemoThe only survivor from the Evil Geniuses roster, his future remains unclear. Some fans are worried about its fate and are calling for him to be released too.